Sneak Peak

A little sprucing up and reorganizing on the blog and across social media sites was on the agenda the last few days.

I’m pleased to announce the opening of DSJonesStudio Etsy Shop.

Right now there are signed prints available in the shop.

You’ll find the newest series Sweet Smell of Memories –  Proverbs 27:9 there.  Being in the company of our loved ones, our friends, our besties.  Inhaling the sweet smell of a favorite scent…all these bring joy to my heart and can invoke sweet memories.  These memories are what inspired the five paintings in the series.

“Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” Proverbs 27:9


Sweet Smell of Memories Prov. 27:9


I’ll be adding some original paintings to the shop along with the prints, however, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak.


All this computer work, phew!  I’m anxious to get back to painting! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!



Settled In

We have been living in our new house for a few months now and are enjoying being settled in.

The front room has turned out to be a great room for my painting studio. The sunlight dances in through the front windows and bounces off my work area and all around the room. It makes for an enjoyable place to paint!

Both Toaster and Ellie (our rescue tabbies) enjoy being there with me. They can be found either sitting on the windowsill, an adjoining chair, on my work area; or if one is feeling feisty trying to steal paint brushes or drinking paint water. Cough, cough, Toaster. 

I’ve been busy painting and posting to Instagram and Facebook, but realized I was remiss in updating my blog. My apologies. 

So here is our Ellie Bellie that I’ve recently painted in watercolor. 

Thanks for stopping by!