This guy is ready to go his Momma. He gives as much love to her as he gets in return.  What a blessing to paint him for her!


Let Go and Have Fun at Arnolds Park, Iowa

For a change of pace, painted a quick, loose, watercolor of Arnolds Park in Okoboji, Iowa.

Usually I start with a sketch on the paper, but this time I just begun by laying down water and dropping on layers of paint.

The fun and often and scary thing about watercolor is not exactly knowing what the paint will do at times.  Sometimes you have to just let. go.  After adding some shadows, I decided to go back and add a layer of cadmium orange to the trees and shoreline.  I like how it brightened up those areas, so I figured, what the heck, let’s see what it does to the water, and then proceeded to lay down a layer over that.  It added a depth to it that wasn’t previously there.

Watercolor painting is about learning, having fun and experimenting sometimes.  Couldn’t think of a better thing to do on this subject matter, where having fun, learning and letting go is what you do at Arnolds Park!

Overall image size is 5 1/2″ by 12″



Bulldog Commission

Starting a new commission of a sweet bulldog named Kota! Please stop by my Facebook page and see the sketch from the beginning, along with Kota’s current progress and other projects I’m working on.

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I started this project a few months ago and I just wasn’t happy with how it was turning out.

I think I must have scrubbed off two different backgrounds and still couldn’t quite get satisfied.

Nothing seemed to go right.

I was disgruntled.

Then I realized that my subject matter looked pretty much the same way to me.

So today I picked up the brushes and played around a bit and this is what I’ve come up with. I’m ready to move on to something else!

Anyone else get that way sometime?

Presenting “Disgruntled”


Gallery Items

These originals are currently on display at the Great Lakes Mall, Spirit Lake Art Exhibition:

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