Painting A Fluffy Cow

Right now I’m up to day three on Facebook of the fluffy cow painting.

I have to admit I almost chickened out on posting my first days work.

That first day is always my hardest, and always the place that I seem to be most disappointed. The place I tend to be the most impatient. Sometimes I will help speed up the drying process with a hair dryer just so I can continue to layer on paint and get to a place where I can at least feel good about coming back to the project.

One of my Artist friends has a great attitude about the process. She always tells me “It’s just paper, if you don’t like it start over”.

So if you are painting, keep going in the process!  If you aren’t happy along the way, remember, it’s just paper.  That thought can give you the freedom to keep going and you might just  like your results in the end after all.  Happy painting!


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